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 Uchihas using Sharingan


Say hello to my new OC EMI-CHAN UZUMAKI~~~~~ ^_^

Emi-chan was inititially born in the village hidden in the eddies (if u dont know where that is then ur not a real naruto fan lololol but its where karin and kushina are from) but after the village was destroyed she was found by konan nagato and yahiko who adopted her and raised her as their own~! so naturally she was a part of akatsuki, and since she was raised by two of it’s main leaders, she was considered one of the groups most powerful members. because of that as well as her gorgeous looks (though she would never say as much), sasori, deidara AND hidan all fell in love with her at first sight. since she couldn’t choose which bishie she liked best, she decided to date all three of them at once!!! however, when all of her BFs died, she SWORE to destroy the leaf village! it was at that time that her daddy nagato knew she had grown up right, so he gave her new eyeballs that were really rinnegans. also, she really liked her mommy (konan’s) hair, so she learned tsunades jutsu (all on her own) that allowed her to alter her appearance. the diamond from that jutsu is red just like her fiery chakra.


(i’m burning. i can’t believe i jumped on the bandwagon for this shitty-ass meme)

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I've been following this blog for a while, and i've always liked it a lot, but I like it a lot more now that there's some other funny naruto stuff being posted and reblogged. I think maybe it would be fun to post more hilariously unflattering screen caps from the anime because there are SO MANY OF THEM
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:

oh, thanks! that all started thanks to Sage mostly, but i think it was a good idea. sometimes i reblog that stuff, but the credit really should go to her.


Name: Chie (means wisdom)
Age: 16 

She takes after her dad with the tiger. Shes tiger :3 

Like: Jumping off things and flipping around drawing and eating kids

dislike: dogs rude people being late for things romance pervs messyness KOI!

nature: fire (ofcourse) earth

foods: anything food is food

ability: she can change into a tiger tried to change into a fox failed

and thats it :3


ninja kids in halloween costumes. some of them were ideas taken from tumblr users so uh.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How can that Mari chick be in Akatsuki and Anbu what
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:

What are you talking about? I’m the Akatsuki leader & the Anbu lord -_- n00b.

- Sage


Name (last, first): Mari (mah-riie) Etsuko

Nickname(s): Mari-Chan

Age: Naruto: 17 and Naruto shippuden: 20

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday: April 24th (Taurus)

Life Story: Mari Etsuko Is the daughter of Daisuke and Ai Etsuko. Daisuke was an important person in Konoha and that is the reason she managed to graduate the academy. She was one of the worst in her class. After being done the academy she was put in a group with Itachi Uchiha and Totoya Motomiya called team 20. She met Shisui Uchiha through training with Itachi and they fell for each other. A Few years later, when she was 13, Shisui Uchiha “Killed himself” and Itachi killed his entire clan and left the village. Mari has always blamed Shisui’s death on Itachi. Her Parents took in Itachi’s little brother Sasuke for a year until the village figured out what to do with him. The Etsuko clan was close to the Uchiha clan. Mari then Joined the Anbu and continued that till she was 16. At 16 The Anbu Transferred her into a secret sub-section where they trained her to become a spy. Totoya and her Stayed great friends during all those years. When she turned 17 She was given a life changing mission . From then on she would be considered a missing-nin and a criminal. The mission was to take this new identity and use in to get closer and get info on other criminals and missing-nin and bring it back to the leaf village. The only people who know about this mission are the third hokage and the sub division of the anbu. So her family, friends and the whole village know her as a arsonist. A year later Tsunade is now Hokage, She gave her a new mission to join the akatsuki and get inside information. The akatsuki have been trying to get her to join so it wasn’t hard to get in. Now she is in the akatsuki being hit by emotions she was trying to avoid and trying to get along with her ex-team-mate Itachi Uchiha. MUCH MORE lol tooooo much

More of it in my story 

About Him/Her:

Personality: She is quite stubborn and persistent. When she wants something she doesn’t stop till she gets it. She is also very rebellious and loves to cause trouble. She is a proud person and any hits to her personality, physique or clan will make her very angry. She is also very emotional, she tries to hide them, but fails most of the time. She is very caring and she tries to hide that too. Always trying to keep a tough attitude.

Good Habit(s): Funny, Loving, Spontaneous, Charismatic, Confident, Social, optimistic.

Bad Habit(s): Sarcastic, Lazy, Clumsy, Procrastinate, large Ego, Rebellious, Drinking, Smoking, Prankster, Obnoxious, Loud, Quick-tempered.

Like(s): Music, Life, Games, Pranks, Fire, Sun, Flying, Friends, Family, Herself.

Dislike(s): Water, Being underestimated, Rain, Storms, Cold.

Hobbies: Training her kekkei genkei, Burning things, Flying around on one of her fire creations, sleeping, getting trouble.

Fear(s): Water, Losing a loved one, Rodents

Strength(s): Fire, Sneak attacks, Long range battles.

Weakness(es): Water, Close range battles, Bad Weather, Genjutsu.

Special Powers/Abilities: Kekkei Genkei

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: To be known all across the land , to become stronger then everyone in her clan and to get her old life back.

Occupation/Job: Ninja

Best Class(es): none

Worst Class(es): Gen-jutsu

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Mother, Ai Etsuko and Father, Daisuke Etsuko

Sibling(s): Older Brother, Ryo Etsuko

Relative(s): lots

Pet(s): none

Best Friend(s): Totoya Motomiya, Itachi Uchiha-ish, Shisui Uchiha (deceased).

Friend(s): Tsunade, Deirdara, Kisame, Tobi, Yamato.

Crush(es): Shisui Uchiha When he was alive so Nobody so far.

Rival(s): Totoya Motomiya„ She still likes him but he is determined to fight both her and Itachi.

Enemies: The leaf Shinobi who don’t know the truth.

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Konoha

Current Village: Konoha

Rank: Anbu

Registration ID:006969

Ninja Status [missing-nin, medical-nin, etc.]: Missing-nin

Are you in the Akatsuki?: Yes-ish

Teammates: Itachi Uchiha and Totoya Motomiya

Sensei: Unknown

Chakra Element: Fire

Learned Jutsu [jutsu you learned from the Academy or from other people]: 

Secret Jutsu: Can talk to someone with her mind

Weapon(s): None

Use the chart below to determine your skills in jutsu and battle traits.

1 - 5: Debilitated

6 - 8: Below average

9 - 10: Average

11 - 13: Above average

14 - 16: Talented

17 - 18: Gifted [Sannin have gifted talents, so it’s very rare!]

Strength in Jutsu: see below

Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]:9

Genjutsu [illusion techniques]:8

Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]:10

Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]:18

Doujutsu [eye techniques]:0

Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]:0

Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]:0

Strength in Missions: see below


Wisdom [it comes with age]:8

Strength [measure of your body’s muscles]:7

Agility [how well you can move, dodge, etc.]:9

Dexterity [how well you can aim/form seals]:11

Stamina [chakra amount]:13

Constitution [how well you can take a hit]:11

Charisma [how social you are]:13

Comeliness [your attractiveness, it has to fit with your looks above]:12

Chakra Control [important for medical ninja]:9

Cooperation [how well you work with other people/comrades]:10


Clan History: The Etsuko Clan is an ancient clan to the fire country, They are a generally small clan but pretty powerful. They’re mainly Ninja and Fire fighting Ninja. There are rumored to be related very far back to the Uchiha clan.

Clan Status: Still going

Kekkei Genkai: KajiSeishi

Handsign(s): None

Description: Complete Control of the fire element. it’s a bloodline Trait to the Etsuko Clan. Can do basically anything with fire but is extremely week against water. Very difficult to learn Ninjutsu and Genjutsus.

Rank: S

Range: Long ranged

Type: Fire?

Bijuu [Tailed Beast]: None

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: She has Long Blond hair And almond shaped dark brown eyes. She is proud of her look. Her body type is Normal

Blood Type: AB

Height: 5”3’

Weight: 120 lbs

Everyday Outfit(s): Her everyday outfit is a pair of brown shorts and a black tube top with mesh to cover her shoulders. Her shoes are the normal shinobi Boots.

Mission Outfit(s): Same as her everyday but with the added Akatsuki Cloak.

Accessories: She wears wrappings around her arms to cover up some scars. She wear’s gloves and wrappings on her legs too.

Makeup: Black Makeup around the eyes.

Hairstyle(s): Always wears her hair up in a ponytail with her bangs sticking out.

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: Her ears have 8 holes in each so her ear is completely pierced. She has Scars on her arms from missions and she has a scar on her forhead that is hidden by her forehead protector.

Remwmbwr when






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To win Hidan's heart, all I have to do is curse like a sailor, have big tits and, the most important thing: be a Jashinist. I'm a genius (sorry Itachi)!
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