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 Uchihas using Sharingan

is ok to submit them individually? wouldn’t that clog up your inbox??

ok welp

yes you can submit them individually.

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Ryoko seemed good-- Til I read her story. Then I think I died, both of the fact that even exists but also of laughing so hard Mountain Dew came out of my nose.
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:
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i submitted like 9 sues on a compilation i hope its not too big if it is im sorry <3
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it was, im sorry. i couldnt even read it. try submitting them individually


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better call me zetsu because i went fucking scouting in the depths of quotev and i found so many damned souls of bad ocs. should i post the ones that are just horrible
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- Sage

She is, in fact, the original Mina. ^^’ 
Isn’t she cuuuute!? <3 
Anyway, her clothes were stolen from an outfit of Chao Lingshen, from Negima!?neo. It was one of the last few episodes, and the only pic I had of it was a back view. 

Yes, Mina is Naruto’s twin sister. I have no idea who’s older. DX Her birthday on the card is what she thinks is her birthday, not her real one. She was taken into another family when a cat demon was sealed inside her. They didn’t want the village being cruel to her as well as Naruto, and they also didn’t want them growing up together, for fear of leaving Naruto someone to lean on, as it might have cost his strength (because he because strong as a result of being alone, sort of. XD). 
Anyway, Mina’s adoptive family was named Aiwa, which is where her last name comes from. She had a younger sister there, too, named Nanako, whose card is soon to come, as well as Midori, her best friend’s, and Nami’s, another friend. 


Note that everyone totally thinks naruto is gay during this misunderstanding, no questions asked.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
A female Jiraiya, that's a new one.
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
my first naruto OC was a self insert who was Sasuke/Itachi's sister but also Kakashi's cousin somehow and she had BLUE mangekyo sharingan and was Orochimaru's lover but then returned to konoha and PLOT TWIST she was the embodiment of the MS and Sasuke had to emotionally open up to her or some shit to awaken his MS. Oh, and did I mention that she married Neji and had a daughter with him? And said daughter had sharingan AND byakugan? I wish I was making this shit up. Just light me on fire now.
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:

My 1st Naruto OC was in Team 7 and was dating Kakashi. I felt nothing wrong with it at the time until someone commented on a picture of them holding hands on dA. Then I went on to say that he isn’t a pedophile but they’re still dating. Other than that she was a relatively good OC, nothing too strong or abnormal about her. I later changed her age and she owned a book store.

My 2nd OC was awful, he was the jinchurikki of the 80(or 100?) tailed cobra. He was literally the most abused person in the world and was in the Akatsuki. He was the strongest in the world as well, could snap at any second. He wore a hoodie that used chakra to cover his face because of edgy reasons. He then went on to release all the caged/jailed abused people at the place he escaped from and while he did that, the Akatsuki found a tape that showed all the torture he endured and when he came back they all hugged him and it was all mushy. The end.

- Sage

Ryoko is the second daughter of Tsunade and Jiraiya. But the blonde Goddess was far too infatuated with slots, dice, and shots to raise a child! Like her son, Tsorin, Ryoko was shipped off to be raised by a Kage in another village. The only difference is that Tsunade completely forgot she even had a daughter.
Although Tsunade often visited Tsorin in secrecy or disguise to act as his guardian angel, she did all she could to regress that forgettable night with the legendary horn-dog Jiraiya. Thus when Ryoko’s free spirit led her to run away from the Mist, the Mizukage decided to cover up Ryoko’s existence in her village as well.
Ryoko is gifted with spiritual energy, much like Tayuya. After finding a cave that linked the spirit and mortal world, she would spend the next 11 years living alongside spirits/ demons and learning their combat techniques.
Her return to the mortal world marked the first time she’s seen women. And like her father, Jiraiya, she can’t control herself around a beautiful woman! Ryoko is a mega-lesbian and has no interest in men. Her favorite kunoichi to shower her loving affection is Kiyori Uchiha, who abhors and is genuinely afraid of Ryoko’s aggressive tactics.
After Ryoko’s return to Konoha, there has been a sharp increase in reports of missing panties and the odd feeling of being watched while in the bath for women. After running Jiraiya out of town as the suspected culprit, the women of Konoha were surprised to find their troubles still persist!
Only Kiyori has seen Ryoko, but no will believe her that a female Jiraiya is on the loose!

Name: Luna Inugami 

Nickname: Okami-akuma

Age: 18

Species: Mutated Human/Wolf 

Abilities: Can transform into a wolf, half-wolf and human. Uses earth and animal jutsus. 

How she got the mask: She asked Orochimaru if she could keep it. She found it at a festival. She wears it a lot to hide from reality, but not as much when she meets Gaara.

How she got her nickname: People gave it to her because of her wolfish appearance and half wolf form.

Short Version: She is a escaped experimental ninja that talked and fell in love with Gaara. She lives in the Sand Village for protective reasons.

Long Version: When she was 8 years old, she was “spirited away” from her village. She was actually kidnapped by Amachi. She soon become of one his experiments. (similar to the fish girl, sorry forgot her name) She was the only one that survived the experimentation, which lasted for 2 years. Amachi was pleased with his work and showed her to Orochimaru. He took a interest in her and trained her like a ninja. At first she would refuse to hurt anyone or anything, but then she would get beaten to near death, so she would have no chose but to listen and train. She followed his orders and killed for 6 years, until one day she couldn’t take it anymore and left (ran away from) Orochimaru.

How she met Gaara: She was walking in a forest when she happened to come across Sand Ninja and Gaara. She is known for her misdeeds and is a wanted criminal, so they attacked her. The ninja (not Gaara) came from all sides and tried to capture her, but she easily changed into her half wolf form and twirled in a circle with her claws out (like Sessohmaru) killing them quickly. She did not want to fight them and so after killing them she left ( she reverted back to her human form ). Gaara followed her. He found her standing ankle deep in water looking out at the moonlit lake. She turned around to face him. ” Are you going kill me? ” she asked him. Gaara didn’t reply. He surrounded her with his sand and began to squeeze. ” My wish is finally coming true…. ” She muttered. ” What wish? ” Gaara asked. ” ……my death ” she answered. Gaara paused for a moment. ” You wish for death? ” ” Yes.” she nods. He brings her closer to him. ” Why do you wish to die? ” He asks. ” Why do you care? ” She replies angrily. Gaara wondered that to. ” Kill me!” she yelled. Gaara pulled off her mask. He saw that she was crying tears of blood. ” Why won’t you kill me? I’m a monster. A demon! Kill me! ” She yelled as she cried some more. Gaara could do nothing, but stare into her eyes. There was only sadness and regret in her brown eyes. Gaara seemed to drown in the brown almost black eyes, seeing the all to familiar emotion of sadness and loneliness. ” Lord Kazekage, Lord Kazekage! ” It made Gaara look away from her. Soon a wounded ninja came out of the woods. ” Lord Kazekage. I’m glad I found you. ” he said. He look puzzled at what he saw. ” Are you going to kill her, Milord? ” Gaara looked back at her and said to the ninja ” No, she is coming with us “. ” Yes, Lord Kazekage. ” and so she was brought to the sand village. Gaara took her to the mansion and gave her a room. It puzzled people that knew about it. She would never leave the room and was hostile to people who gave her food. One day around lunch time, a servant found her on the ground with blood pouring from her wrists. They were able to save her in time. ” Why did you do that? ” Gaara asked her as the medical ninja left. ” …..I don’t won’t to live. I have nothing to live for….I’ve killed many people…friends, loved ones, children…..” She clenched her fists. ” I want to die! Why didn’t you kill me?! Do you get a sick kick out of my misery?! ” she tries to remove the bandages, but Gaara stops her and holds her tightly as her cries. ” You have to live.” he whispers in her ear. ” Why? I have no one. I’m all alone…” she sobs. ” …….I will be your friend…” Gaara tells her. She is shocked and looks at him. ” Really? ” she sniffles. ” Yes…you will no longer be alone…” he assures her. Soon after she becomes more friendly and falls in love with Gaara. Gaara loves her too, yadda, yadda, and everyone lives happily ever after. 

Few! long story.

How she got the mask: She asked Orochimaru if she could keep it. She found it at a festival. She wears it a lot to hide from reality, but not as much when she meets Gaara.