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 Uchihas using Sharingan


Basic Info
Official Name: Burakkumanba (ブラックマンバ)
Given Name: Kuro Manba
Pet Name/Nickname: Manba/Mamba
Clan: Fuuma ( Rice Field Country)
Parents: Disowned
Siblings: None
Relatives: Unknown

Physical Information
Age: 17 (current) 14 (pre-Time Skip) 22 (Post- Time Skip)
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/10
Height: 152.4
Weight: 54.4 kg

Ninja Information
Registration ID:: 01733088
Hidden Village:: Sound
Rank:: Special Jounin
Team (student):: Hebi Kohaku, Hyo Kurama (all deceased)
Current:: Missing Nin

Advancement Data
Academy Grad Age:: 5
Chuunin Exam Age: 13
Jounin Age: 16
Jutsu: Fuukoku Houin, Mist Servant Technique, False Place Technique, Hell Viewing Technique, Pattern Links, Shadowing Stealth Technique, Kettō sutīra (bloodline stealer), Peregrine Falcon Drop, Great Breakthrough, Poison Mist, Resurrection to the Impure World, Hidden Needles, Living Corpse Reincarnation, Lit Apparition Technique, Five Senses Confusion Disorder, Torpedo Needle, Flower Scattering Dance, Hell Needles, Underworld Guardian Spikes, Falling Blossoms and Scattering Leaves, Sparking Electric Needle, Flying Nail Mist Pierce, Many Flowers in Bloom, Secret Healing Injury Destruction, Rock Hiding Technique, Snake Authority Spell, Serpent Mouth, Time Regression Technique, Shadow Imitation Technique, Kagura Mind’s Eye, Release, Temporary Body Paralysis Technique, Change of Body Stance Technique, One’s Life Ressurrection, Skilled Fog Technique, Hebi no doku nodachi, Enhancement Prescription Chakra Injection, Mirror Flower Water, Mirror Flower Water, Orochimaru’s Regeneration Replacement Technique.
Weapons: Nodachi, Medical Needles, Nails,

Character Study
Mamba was born to the Fuuma clan of the Rice Field Country, however her blood was crossed between the Fumma’s of rice and the Fuuma’s of rain. Her father was rumored to be the Country Leader of Rain but was no one was ever sure not even Mamba’s own mother. Mamba was taught alongside, Hebi Kohaku and Hyo Kurama, who she was really paired up with so that the two young men could guard her, her family was wealthy and in Rice the wemon of her family line were treated like Princesses, Hime often being tagged onto their names by passersby. Mamba never got along well with Hebi or Hyo, nor did she with her Sensei or family other than her mother. When Orochimaru passed through Rice Country Mamba was enthralled with him. But her mother warned her to not trust him.
In frustration and rage Mamba killed off her team, her mother was horrified and no one ever fully understood why she did it, but her mother disowned her, and the village chased her out. Mamba fled to Rain. And took refuge with the Rain Fuuma’s she was welcomed with open arms and there is where she took the name Kuro Manba. She was often referred to “The Girl with the Clouded eyes.” While on a mission trying to out run an enemy she overheard what she thought was the infamous Orochimaru, being sidetracked, Mamba was attacked, the enemy was swift and strong and took her down. Buy some strange pull of grace or fate, Orochimaru who was already weakend came to Mamba’s aid, along with Kabuto. The two of them being stronger than the Nin that chased her took him down easily, but Orochimaru’s health became worse. Kabuto said they would need to find a secluded place to stay until which time Orochimaru was healed. Mamba could offer one better she used “One’s life resurrection” to heal Orochimaru of his wounds, but passed out herself.

Orochimaru impressed such a young Ninja (not to mention at the time such an unskilled one) knew such a skill, took Mamba with him back to sound and had Kabuto treat her and bring her back into full health. Mamba became a faithful servant of Orochimaru, and he soon treated her like his student, fondly calling her Mamba. He caught her many of his snake techniques along with everything else that he knew little by little. Due to Orochimaru’s Favoritism to her, Mamba became mildly spoiled, despising any other person who took away Orochimaru’s attention, both foes and allies of his. She grew a strong hatred for Kabuto and Sasuke, along with the whole Akatsuki and Naruto and his team. Over time Orochimaru declared Mamba as his greatest weapon, and Mamba had secretly fallen in love with her Sensei, their relationship was the equivalent of Haku and Zabuza’s Relationship. It was always her life for his, it’s just how she functioned.

Mamba never trusted Kabuto and once she learned of his true motives she hated him even more, when she tried to warn Orochimaru he would dismiss her as being over protective and paranoid.

During most of the time skip, Mamba is hostil towards Sasuke and his team that Orochimaru had set up, yet she is often sent out with them. She tolerates Karen but has tried to fight off and kill Sasuke numerious times. Orochimaru finds this funny and doesn’t think she will ever actually do anything to him. But sasuke believes otherwise.
In this time she is in conflict with herself, as she in an odd turn of advents save the life of Chouji Akamichi. She is warm hearted friendliness grows on her. While Mamba is Shy and very secretive, Chouji broke through to her, and in a since was her first real friend in a long time (although she’d never say it) and he began to feel for her. Naruto will often ask for Chouji’s aid if he ever needs to face Mamba because he think Chouji can get her to leave Orochimaru’s side and join theirs.

Other Than Chouji, Lee and Itachi are heavy outside influences on her, she is floured by their strength and admires them, which makes it hard to for her to fight them. After Itachi “killed” Orochimaru, Mamba’s heart turned cold to him, and she hated sasuke for killing because she felt his death was hers to have. However Mamba managed to scoop up the small snake a flee before The Amaterasu hit it and fled. Orochimaru was mortally ingured, Mamba used all her know how to get him back stable enough to take on human form. But she could not heal him enough to have his body heal on its own. She needed help, so she sought the Help of Jigoku a man who was determined to Absorb the power of the tailed demons into his body. He told her he would heal Orochimaru for two things, the first one being if she could dedicate part of her life to bringing him those containing the tailed demons, and two being that she bring him Tsunade, the woman he had been secretly in love with. Mamba not realizing the danger of the task and so desperately wanting to save the life of Orochimaru did so, and in doing so she sold her soul to him. Once Orochimaru found this out, he was determined to kill off Jigoku, and regain complete control over Mamba, for not only had Jigoku revived Orochimaru but he had unknowingly made him immortal. And the two demons were now evenly matched. However now Pain of the Akatsuki knew of Jigoku and sought his power himself.

Personality & Physical traits
Mamba is very shy, and keeps to herself. She tries to shy away from people, and only feels at peace when along, on mission, or at Orochimaru’s side. She is secretive, Protective, and loyal to the point of pure stupidity like a dog, who will let their mast beat them because they believe what they are doing is right, or they trust them just that much. Mamba can show an incredible amount of tenacity, fearlessness, and aggression if she finds herself, Orochimaru, or the three she looks up too in danger. Because of her Spoiled nature that Orochimaru has nurtured in her, most people cannot stand her. Other than when it comes to Orochimaru Mamba is very selfish in her thinking and will only lookout for herself.

All of her attacks and Jutsu’s are in defense as she is not very strong and is not good at offensive attacks. She is known for, Flower base, defensive and Illusion based attacks. As well as any Jutsu’s that could be used for Medical reasons (attacking the nervous system, muscle points, mental abilities, or senses.) she often uses Poisons. Mamba has snake fangs if she chooses her bite can paralyze her enemy and may cause the need for them to have their Limb amputated or cause cardiac arrest. Her fangs can extend as long as she wishes a trait that she compares to Orochimaru’s tongue. Mamba is fast and flexible and uses this to make up for her lack of Strength and stamina. Orochimaru is currently trying to tap into an Fake Bloodline Limit where Mamba can hypnotize her enemy with her eyes as they swirl around and around in a grey and white spiral.

Jigoku is based off of the Demon Naraku from Inuyasha, Orochi form Orochi warriors, and Oda from Samurai Warriors.
Mamba and Orochimaru’s relation ship iis based off of, Rin and Seshomaru’s from Inuyasha, Haku and Zabuza’s, and Ranmaru and Oda’s from Samurai Warriors.
Mamba’s traits & name are completely based off of The Black Mamba Snake.
Totally reffed her upper body on a picture of Sakura XD because i’m not that creative.

Hello! :) Writing just to warn you that I've already sent a submission about Aiko Hatake right here: /post/91479552482/ Thanks!
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Have some sunny Naruto!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Donyou like Naruto crossovers? Or are you the kind of person who doesn't like them? And if you do like them, with what fandom?
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:

Naurto Crossovers? They’re fine, I guess. Not my cup of tea, tho. Other mods may have a different opinion.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
How can a cat-girl hold a katana with cat paws? Fuck logic, that's why.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just have to tell you because I'm not sure you noticed, but the submission here: post/97081662896 , look at the bottom of the picture. She has what look like blades attached to the back of her high heels (LOLZ TABI R 4 NINJA SISSIES REEL ASSASSINS FIGHT IN HEELZ). Can you just imagine what would happen if OCSue slipped and fell on her ass? Or even just 'collapsed from exhaustion during a mighty battle'? "Lol oops sliced a major artery oh well." (Sorry this is gonna be a two part ask OTL)
fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs fuckyeahterriblenarutoocs Said:

I’ve seen a lot of bullshit accessories and improbable weapons over the years on OCs (and to be fair, canon characters alike!) but this is honestly, HONESTLY one of the weirdest and most superfluous ones I can think of. They look like steak knives tied to the back of her heels. I can’t really think what kind of advantage they’d give her in a fight because unless she wanted to pull some tango bullshit and yank her enemy into her, The only moves that would allow her to use that effectively are ones that would bring the enemy in close enough that they would be able to stab her, oh, just about anywhere. Blades on things are only really a good idea in strategic areas and also damnit IF YOU’RE WEARING ARMOUR SO YOU DON’T STAB YOURSELF BY ACCIDENT. 

(and this was the better of the two outlines I found.  both are being deleted, rest assured, I’m probably going to make comments about this too.  This character eventually morphed into Shitamura Satori and oh god this old stage is painful)

Name: Kuroshi Tori
Age: 15
Birthdate: November 22 (my exact birthdate I might add, I feel sick)
Gender: Female
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: O
Affilation: Akatsuki (shocker)
Partner: Deidara (again, shocker)
Clan: Kuroshi
Ninja Rank: S-Rank
Academy Grad. Age: 5 (Totally better than Itachi)
Chunin Prom. Age: 7
Jonin Prom. Age: 10
Family: Kuroshi Megumi (older sister)
Kekkei Genkai: Kuroiton
Nature Type: Kuroiton, Katon, Suiton (affinity), Futon (At least she can’t use Doton and Raiton right?)
Tools: Scythe (like Hidan you mean?)
Background: Tori was born to a Sunagakure clan of insanely high caliber, some members able to use a powerful combination between Katon and Suiton (which is Boil Release…this was written by me?).  Tori as such, was one such member.  She possessed natural affinity to her clan’s kekkei genkai, as she was able to use it in basic techniques at age 4 (Godlike prodigy strikes again).  because of her natural talent for it, her uncle replaced her cousin, the supposed heir, with her (Okay at least later this character would be part of the main family).
Despite her young age, she was quickly enrolled into the ninja academy and graduated just as quickly, being a mere five years old at the time (totally not god-moding).  She was placed into a Genin squad with her cousin.  Her cousin showed no obvious resentment to his younger cousin and genuinely congratulated her when she passed the Chunin Exam at age 7, even though he remained a Genin (I would be pretty fucking pissed if my YOUNGER cousin replaced me as heir).  Her cousin was also the only member of her clan who congratulated her on reaching Jonin rank three years later, as her parents had cruelly commented on how slowly she’d risen to Jonin (Oh the poor child).
When she was 11, her cousin, a new Jonin, collaborated a massacre of her entire clan save the members who truly cared for her (Wow, overreaction much?).  Tori’s keen knowledge of the clan lead her to enlist help from Akatsuki members, which turned out to be Deidara and Sasori (Of course it was).  Sasori was intrigued by Tori’s fierce determination and after the massacre hinted to Pain that Tori may be a usefull addition to the Akatsuki regime (Sasori was opposed to Deidara joining, this is a small fucking child).  As if to agree, Pain finds Tori and requests that she join the Akatsuki.  Tori hesitantly agrees, unsure of the nature of the group. Upon Tori’s first introduction to the Akatsuki, she quickly diffuses a particularly violent argument between Hidan and Deidara by slashing at Hidan and using a method of calming her cousin had often used on her (can calm down Hidan, wow, amazing).  Pain found Tori to be an amusing child and suggested she be partnered with Deidara (No shit).
Appearance: Tori is shown to be rather short in stature but at the same time very slender.  She inherited her clan’s striking eyes, though cobalt instead of the usual icy blue, and the elegant beauty of the clan’s women (Of course she’s PRETTY).  She inherited most of her appearance from her mother except for a wide smile, which was an inherited trait from her grandfather, and long cinnamon colored hair, which she inherited from her father (What?).  She wore her hair in pigtails with her bangs parted to the left.  She also wore her hitai-ate on her forehead, though the symbol was covered by her bangs.  She appeared at first to wear the basic Akatsuki uniform, but it was later noted that Tori had longer sleeves and pockets sewn into the inside of the cloak.  Beneath the cloak she wore a sleeveless black tank top that also had a strapless mesh armor shirt underneath.  She also carried a scythe on her back and wore a belt with several pouches strapped to it. (This last part is totally in past tense and I know for a fact I never killed this character)
Personality:  Tori was an openly happy person whose personality greatly resembled Tobi’s, but with less “idiotic zeal” as Deidara puts it.  Tori also has a similar sadistic appreciation for Deidara’s art, calling it “Fireworks of death” on occasion and quoting Deidara’s catchphrase frequently.  Tori is shown to have a somewhat sarcastic and vindicitve personality, while still being a very empathetic and caring person (HOW?).  Despite her empathetic ways, Tori shared Deidara’s loathing for Itachi, but in a different way.  Tori thought Itachi’s blatant hiding of his feelings was annoying; furthermore, she felt a protective urge as he held romantic feelings for her sister (This is confusing).  She also knew of Itachi’s illness and found it rather laughable that he didn’t stop fighting because of it, frequently telling him he was killing himself.  Despite her hatred for Itachi’s feel towards the Akatsuki, she did not genuinely hate him, and often she hinted to Deidara that he merely hated Itachi’s ability to beat his art, but did not hate Itachi as a person, frequently questioning Deidara’s authority on the matter of Itachi’s personality. (five sentences prior, a comment is made about her hating him. MAKE SENSE.)
Tori also held an air of esteemed modesty and politeness towards her partner, also referring to him as Deidara-senpai or Onii-san.  She often complimented his style and quoted him often.  It was hinted that she may have romantic feelings for him, but she never admits to it.  Tori’s close range style frequently provoked Deidara into abandoning his long range combat and joining her in the fray because it seemed like more fun as he claimed (Bullshit).  In reality, Deidara feared killing Tori during battle, showing incredible compassion for is partner, who he treated as an equal and had given more respect towards than any other Akatsuki, insisting that she forget about using honorifics and playfully calling her Tori-chan (Bull-fucking-shit).  It is also hinted that he was using it as a term of endearment and he genuinely loved Tori, but Madara claimed that Deidara merely thought of Tori as a younger sibling, something even Deidara denied. (Am I Shipping them or am I not?)
Tori is also shown to be incredibly clever and intelligent, using keen strategy to take her opponent down, and observed her opponents before taking any offensive position.
(To Naruto about Deidara) “He’s the kind of person you talk to when you feel like you’re going to cry.  I’m not saying he’s a compassionate person, but by far he’s among the most empathetic of all the Akatsuki.”
(To Madara) “I never deny that I love my partner, but under no circumstances did I say that I was in love with him.”
(To Deidara about Uchihas) “It’s only the eyes you hate, look past them, you’ll see the same stupid knucklehead I see when I look at you.”
(To Sasuke) “Excuse the rude nature of Onii-san, he has a fervid dislike of those eyes of yours, and I’m not sure he’ll ever get over it.”
(To Itachi) “Frankly I don’t see why you still fight, your own brother wants you dead, you’ve got an ally who hates your power over him, your partner is clearly afraid of you, and lastly you’re slowly dying from this stupid disease.  I don’t blame Megumi for calling you a masochist, you still provoke Deidara-senpai and you’re trying to let yourself live so you can die by your brother’s hand.  Honestly, between you and me, if you don’t fix that problem you’ve got going on with Deidara-senpai soon, he’ll slaugher you before Sasuke even comes close, think about it okay Itachi-san?”

I wish I could. I was blocked.
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thats beautiful