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I was looking at the OCs and found a few called Karasu. Tbh, it makes me want to change my OCs name. I don't want people to associate my OC with a Mary-sue. Is that bad?

eh. if you want to change the name go for it, its your character. i wouldnt say its necessarily bad to not want your OC to be associated with mary sues, but theres mary sues of just about every name, so i wouldnt worry too much if i were you


oratenari (Yora) Tsukimoto comes from a small branch in a large clan. This small branch broke off and left to konoha to expand their knowledge and powers as ninjas, as well as rebel against the original clan line’s obnoxious and crazy rules. Despite growing up hearing only bad things and smack talk about the main clan line, Yoratenari always had interest of going there. After assigned a mission with her team to go to the hidden moon village, all of the team members ended up splitting off and not following their orders, Mariko (Male, Yora’s best friend, Yora is his love interest) cuts off a bit of yora’s hair for a forbidden jutsu involving DNA merging, and runs off. Yora finds her original clan and stays for three years, training and living under the main clan, learning their ways. Due to their strictness, Yora was not allowed to cut her hair. It is believed in their clan that woman can carry any burden and aren’t allowed to cut their hair, training them to fight better even when things are in the way. Before leaving, Yora had always been ditsy and quiet, focusing on minuscule things that weren’t important. She didn’t focus on her training at all, and because of this was very weak and vunerable. After staying with her clan, she seems to grow up and mature alot, becoming alot stronger. After returning to konoha, Mariko returns shortly after with the ability to use her clan’s special moon chakra. He infused her DNA in order to steal her clan’s special ability under the order of someone else. The two end up hating eachother, until they were put face-to-face in battle. Mariko nearly kills Yora before he realizes what he’s done, and stops to revive everything again. He apologizes for what he’s done, explains what happened, and that he always had feelings for her and blabla. |D In the end they get married, woo~


Nice art though…

This is Sasuke’s “sister” that is somehow from the Fall’s Village. O-o

Uchiha Kamiko moved from Konoha at the age of five years and went to Takigakure no Sato (hidden village of the waterfall) because her father (an Uchiha) died in battle and her mother wanted to return to her native village. Now she’s 15 years old and is a Chunnin.
She doesn’t known about Sasuke and Itachi because they were distant cousins (Uchiha complex was quite large) but when she hear the news of the slaughter of her clan, her mother seemed bewildered that a guy named Uchiha Itachi had killed them all. what she didn’t know was that her mother was happy and relieved to have gone to her native village because would know that her daughter would be safe there.
Kamiko doesn’t have much knowledge about her Gekkai Kekkai because doesn’t know anyone from her clan who could teach.
Her Sharingan is awakened and fully matured (with three tomoe), and she doesn’t know she can evolve it even further.
Kamiko is egocentric, arrogant and somewhat heavy with people who don’t trust although it takes time to Kamiko take trust in someone.
its strengths are Genjutsu and a bit of Ninjutsu, but has difficulty with the strength and endurance.
It is usually unwise so act before thinking and speaking and that sometimes it doesn’t help much in the fight. Kamiko is difficult to strategize so often struggle with random ideas.

(At least the art is good…)

i'm kind of confused with akatsuki-rp's statement??? like i thought the akatsuki all stayed together in the same base?? what would be the point of them all living separately? i mean its crazy enough that there's an organization of psychopaths, so i dont see the issue of them living together tbh
Souskes chocker really bothers me
Kumiko Haruno

This is Kumiko Haruno, the twin sister of Sakura with the Byakugan, Sharigan, and Rinnegan. She is Sasori’s “lover” and completely OP. I assume she’s a member of the Akatsuki but there is almost no information about her available. 

In my honest opinion, as long as Akatsuki "lives together" without any cheerleader, schoolgirl, chicks who claim they're Jashinists, little sisters, little cousins, former lovers, former girlfriends, little poneys, neko-eared girls, vocaloid-like Akatsuki members, babies with special powers, Uchiha/Uzumaki psychopath fangirls and so forth, everything's pretty much okay.

Yeah. I mean, I don’t even have much of a problem with Akatsuki OCs in that fun is fun, but it’s the insanely bad characters that make the whole idea stupid.


Wishing you all a Happy Easter…

…with a madeup Mary Sue!

Name: Bakayume Usagi
Age: 19
Chinese Horoscope: Rabbit
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 100lbs
Village: Ninjingakure
Clan: Usagi
Likes: Hidan, her own body, murder, knives, poison, spikes, chains, fire and carrots.
Dislikes: Naruto, Konoha, her ears and Elmer Fudd.
Jutsus: Rainbow Release, Giant Carrot, Musical Laugh, Kawaii no Jutsu.

Bakayume was born with rabbit ears, a trait from her own clan. At ninja academy, she was known as little Yoda and passed through a lot of bullying until she met Akatsuki. As soon as Pein laid his Rinnegan eyes on her bright, pinchable nipples, he knew she was powerful enough to be a valuable criminal. Thus, a new Akatsuki member was born.
Hidan, who affectionatedly called her Baka-chan, was her love interest; Kakuzu, astounded by Bakayume’s beauty, bought lots of skimpy underwear for her. Deidara made a non-explosive estatue of a nude Bakayume, while Sasori used chakra strings to pull the towel from her body everytime Bakayume came out of the shower. Konan was Bakayume’s best friend and used to lend her own clothes to her. One day, Zetsu tried to eat her, but Bakayume summoned little rabbits to bite him and he forgot the idea for a while. Tobi loved to tickle her belly until she passed out from laughing musically. Kisame taught Bakayume to swim, always telling her that “it’s better without any clothes on”. Itachi was indifferent, something that really irritated Bakayume. How in the world could he ignore such a beautiful, pink and cute little thing like her? From that moment on, she decided to make some changings on her own Akatsuki cloak, turning it into a mini-dress. Of course, many times she forgot to wear panties, but what the hell? She was pretty even inside Karasu!

Relax, people, it’s just a play on Mary Sues… xD


Uchiha Bullshit

In order for Itachi to get back at Orochimaru for trying to think he could “steal” his body for the Sharingan, he raped Orochimaru’s only daughter Zemaria. Karasu was the result of his actions. Here, Karasu is about seven years old. Zemaria handed him off to her father knowing the child may one day be able to activate the Sharingan himself. 
I dunno if it's just me, but I absolutely hate it in OC fics when the Akatsuki all apparently 'live' together. Seriously? Both the canon and databooks negate this, plus do you know how stupid it is to have a bunch of psychopaths living together?